SerenStar (serenstar) wrote in faecatsunited,

Where is everyone?

Happy Holidays...belatedly.

I have been wondering where everyone is :) I haven't had a lot of new paintings recently myself, however that is because I am now working on a faerie cat art doll/sculpture. I'm nervous! Mainly because I dreamed of making it for awhile and fear I will screw up. It's just an armature right now, so it looks pretty amusing.

1-5-06: The armature has begun. 1-5-06: The armature has begun.
It may not look like much. In fact, it looks a little funny. However, I can only hope this is the beginning of a great art doll kitty sculpture. My daughter said it looks 'silly.'

All I have is a wonky HP scanner which sadly vibrates a little while scanning. I miss my Epson. I miss my Lexmark even more. I miss when flatbeds actually had more -space- and weren't all 8x11. At least with what I can afford. So here's my goofy cat to be. Shhh.
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